Replace Sinema


“We’re ready to replace Sinema with someone who has never backed down from fighting for Arizona families.”

Today, Change for Arizona 2024 PAC, better known as Replace Sinema, announced its endorsement of Ruben Gallego in the 2024 Arizona Senate race.

“Ruben Gallego is the right choice to unseat Kyrsten Sinema in 2024. As a son of immigrants, a veteran, and elected leader, Ruben has demonstrated his unwavering dedication to Arizona working families,” said Sacha Haworth, spokesperson for Replace Sinema PAC. “Arizonans sent Sinema to the Senate to fight for them, not spend her time getting massages or jetting to Europe on their dime. After years of betraying the Arizonans who helped to get her elected, we’re ready to do what it takes to replace Sinema with someone who has never backed down from fighting for Arizona families.”

Ruben is a champion of abortion rights, voting rights, immigration reform, gun safety, and fighting climate change. When it came time to decide whether or not to regulate big banks in 2018, Gallego voted to protect Arizonans and the economy, while Sinema voted to protect Wall Street after receiving $50,000 in donations from banking lobbyists. Ruben is already building a strong grassroots campaign in Arizona, outraising Sinema $3.74 million to $2.1 million last quarter and attracting hundreds of former Sinema donors.

In just his first week of campaigning, Ruben held more public events than Sinema has in four years in office. Teachers make up the largest percentage of donors to Ruben’s campaign; by contrast, more than 30% of Kyrsten Sinema’s haul so far this year came from just five companies: all hedge funds, investment groups, and private equity firms.

Sinema consistently does the bidding of her corporate donors, ignoring Arizonans’ wishes (as well as their requests for meetings), most notably fighting for tax breaks for Wall Street executives while voting against raising the minimum wage.

Despite holding a recent campaign planning retreat, Sinema continues to play coy as to whether or not she’s running, but she continues to rake in big special interest checks to fund her luxury, jet-setting lifestyle – which we recently asked the FEC to investigate.


About “Replace Sinema” / Change for Arizona 2024 PAC: The “Replace Sinema” PAC (legal name: Change for Arizona 2024 PAC) is the only federal Super PAC focused entirely on replacing Kyrsten Sinema with a Democrat in the Senate. We were one of the first PACs willing to hold Sinema accountable for her obstruction, and we laid the groundwork to prove that she could not win a Democratic primary. Now, we are focused on ensuring that Sinema cannot hurt Democrats’ chances in the 2024 election. We have called attention to Sinema’s ties to special interests, and we made waves by filing a 27-page complaint with the FEC about Sinema’s potentially illegal campaign spending. We partner with grassroots groups across Arizona, and our Advisory Council consists of organizational leaders whose groups represent tens of thousands of Arizonans.  

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