Replace Sinema

About "Replace Sinema" / Change for Arizona 2024 PAC: The “Replace Sinema” PAC (legal name: Change for Arizona 2024 PAC) is the only federal Super PAC focused entirely on defeating Kyrsten Sinema in the Arizona Senate race in 2024. We were one of the first PACs willing to hold Sinema accountable for her obstruction, and we laid the groundwork to prove that she could not win a Democratic primary. Now, we are focused on ensuring that Sinema cannot hurt Democrats' chances in the 2024 election. We have called attention to Sinema's ties to special interests, and we made waves by filing a 27-page complaint with the FEC about Sinema’s potentially illegal campaign spending. We partner with grassroots groups across Arizona, and our Advisory Council consists of organizational leaders whose groups represent tens of thousands of Arizonans. We have endorsed Ruben Gallego because he will always put Arizonans first.

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