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Yesterday, a group of women veterans organized by Vets Forward voiced their opposition to Kyrsten Sinema’s latest statement that the Defense Department should back down to Senator Tommy Tuberville’s demands to restrict abortion rights in the military. The veterans emphasized the serious consequences of politics interfering with military decision-making and condemned Senator Sinema’s endorsement of Senator Tuberville’s blockade. 

You can see footage of each speaker from yesterday’s event HERE.

KJZZ: Female veterans express frustration with Sens. Sinema, Tuberville in federal struggle over abortion

Kirsten Dorman | August 23, 2023 
At a press conference held by local nonprofit VetsForward Tuesday, retired Army prosecutor Signa Oliver said Tuberville is creating an avalanche of consequences.

“These two disruptors have no thought or shame about the lives affected,” Oliver said of both Tuberville and Sinema, “only that their names be spoken about consistently in the media as we’re having to do today.”

Oliver also spoke directly to Sinema: “My question to U.S. Sen. Sinema is: What does your compromise or middle ground look like? Give us details, oh great mediator.”

For Oliver, the issue of potentially blocking military personnel from medical care hits close to home.

“I personally have had a situation not while I was in the military, but where I was pregnant,” she said. “I was at the fourth month mark, and I lost my baby. My doctors had to convince me that the baby was dead. Had I been in some of these states where they believe that, you know, nature should take its course and medical intervention is not necessary, I would have died. 

That’s what we’re talking about today.”

[…]“One should never compromise one’s values, and one should never jeopardize the health and well-being and wellness of our constituents,” Travers said. “And I feel that’s what Sen. Sinema is doing with this compromise.”

Travers said she also tries to find bipartisan solutions where possible.

“But I would much rather lose my job and no longer be in this position if it meant compromising my values to the degree that Senator Sinema has,” Travers said.


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