Replace Sinema


Kyrsten Sinema has long proclaimed herself to be pro-choice. But we know that when push came to shove, she joined Republicans in blocking the Senate from passing abortion rights protections into law in the last Congress. In her latest stunt she’s gone a step further and is enabling Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville in his fight against the Pentagon to stop active duty troops from getting access to abortion care. 

Sinema has inserted herself as a go-between for Republicans to circumvent Sen. Tuberville, when she could just be teaming up with Democrats to get rid of the filibuster to codify abortion rights.

“By backchanneling with “Coach” and enabling his behavior, Sinema has lost sight of the issue at the heart of this: defending the right to an abortion,” said Sacha Haworth, spokesperson for Replace Sinema. “Sinema’s rush to encourage Sen. Tuberville to ‘find a different hostage’ and her eagerness to be the one striking deals with lawmakers reveals a politician who prioritizes getting on lobbyists’ speed dial instead of standing up for her constituents. Arizonans didn’t elect you to side with Republicans on abortion, Senator.”

After Sinema refused to get rid of the filibuster last summer to codify Roe v. Wade, groups like NARAL, Emily’s List, and Planned Parenthood retracted their support. Just recently, The 19th reported should Sinema run next year, she’d be the only pro-abortion-rights Senate candidate running without the backing of abortion rights organizations due to her ever-worsening record to protect abortion rights. 

Just as bad, Sinema’s voting record includes confirmations for 95 of Donald Trump’s judges, including some with extreme records on abortion rights. Stephen Robinson reports more on Sinema’s bad abortion advocate act in Wonkette.  

Meanwhile, Rep. Ruben Gallego has publicly stated he will vote to end the filibuster and enshrine abortion rights into law. 


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