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Sinema Took $100,000 From Airline Execs In Just One Fundraising Quarter… Meanwhile, Flight Safety Is at a Crisis Point 

Sinema’s widely criticized amendment to weaken pilot training standards resulted in stalling the reauthorization of the FAA earlier this year–and Sinema is still trying to negotiate on behalf of big airlines. 

Because of Sinema’s pro-industry stunt from earlier this year, where she offered a widely criticized amendment at the last minute to loosen pilot training requirements, Senators are still in the process of renegotiating the bill. 

Fellow Senator Tammy Duckworth said Sinema’s proposal would result in “blood on your hands” and “Miracle on the Hudson” Captain Sully Sullenberger took a rare step of wading into politics to harshly criticize Sinema. Previously, Sinema also scuttled the president’s initial FAA nominee, leaving the agency without a Senate-confirmed administrator for 18 months.

Meanwhile, experts have reported an increase in near collisions (“close calls”) in the air above our nation’s airports, including two such “near misses” at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport this summer

Sinema’s pro-industry stunt came following $100,000 from airline executives and PACs deposited in her campaign accounts from April to June of this year; she’s taken at least $755,000 in contributions from the airline industry over her career. 

“The FAA reauthorization wouldn’t have been stalled at all had Sinema not offered a blatantly industry-backed softening of pilot training requirements. Sinema has a long record of prioritizing her corporate donors over her constituents, but putting airline profits over passenger safety might be one of the worst examples yet,” said Replace Sinema spokesperson Sacha Haworth. “Flights are nearly colliding mid-air, yet Sinema is trying to weaken how well pilots are trained and knowingly delaying FAA funding and function – all while taking hundreds of thousands from the airlines. It’s outrageous and obvious, and Arizonans deserve better.” 


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