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ROUND-UP: Private Jets, “Howard Hughes” Security, Dodging Questions, Terrible Fundraising…Kyrsten Sinema Making Headlines For All The Wrong Reasons

Sinema’s Window to Run for Re-Election is Rapidly Closing As She Continues Facing Scrutiny for Luxury Spending Scandals

Kyrsten Sinema’s excessive luxury campaign spending, continued European travel billed to her campaign, and abuse of taxpayer funds on private planes are drawing major attention – as is her slowed fundraising – as she continues to refuse answers about her re-election plans. Sinema latest FEC filings from her campaign and her PAC show an unprecedented (and strange) amount of money for security, including a third “security” vehicle in just a few years, prompting some to call her “Howard Hughes level paranoid.” Meanwhile, the window for Sinema to collect 42,000 signatures to get on the ballot is rapidly narrowing by the day.

“As Sinema’s reelection window closes, it’s clearer than ever that no one in Arizona wants her to run,” said Sacha Haworth, senior advisor of Replace Sinema PAC. “Sinema used to rail against politicians who abused their positions for personal gain, and now she’s billing the taxpayers for private planes and jetting off to Europe on donors’ dimes every chance she gets. Is it any wonder Arizonans of every political stripe are sick of her?” 

Roundup of coverage below:

Daily Beast: Kyrsten Sinema Loves to Fly Private—on the Taxpayer’s Dime
Sam Brodey | January 28, 2024 

Arizona Republic: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema spent over $200K on 11 taxpayer-funded private flights since 2020
Ron Hansen | January 31, 2024 

Arizona Republic: Sinema doesn’t care about Senate race. She’s busy flying on your dime
Laurie Roberts | February 1, 2024 

Vanity Fair: Kyrsten Sinema Really, Really Likes Flying Private (When Taxpayers Are Footing the Bill)
Bess Levin | January 29, 2024 

Blaze Media: Report: Kyrsten Sinema is blowing campaign funds on luxurious living while her re-election chances diminish
Joseph Mackinnon | February 2, 2024 

The New Republic: Kyrsten Sinema Stuck Taxpayers With a Massive Private Jet Tab
Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling | January 29, 2024 

New York Post: Kyrsten Sinema spent campaign funds on car, London and Paris
Lydia Moinihan | February 1, 2024 

Daily Mail: Senator Kyrsten Sinema spent over $800,000 of campaign funds in just three months, including $265,000 on security – with staffers saying ‘She’s Howard Hughes level paranoid’
Stephen Lepore | February 2, 2024 

Daily Beast: One Clue That Kyrsten Sinema Is Retiring: Her Weird Spending
Sam Brodey | February 1, 2024 

Huffington Post: Kyrsten Sinema Faces A Shrinking Window To Run For Reelection
Kevin Robilliard | February 1, 2024 

New York Times: Kyrsten Sinema, Behind on Fund-Raising, Faces Senate Re-election Decision
Michael Bender | January 31, 2024 

Raw Story: ‘Total waste of a question’: Sinema chides reporters asking about her low fundraising
Matthew Chapman | January 31, 2024 

Arizona Republic: Kyrsten Sinema has worst fundraising quarter in 3 years, raising doubts about reelection
Ron Hansen | January 31, 2024 

Washington Examiner: Kyrsten Sinema challengers Lake and Gallego more than triple her fundraising numbers – Washington Examiner
Misty Severi | January 31, 2024 

The Hill: Sinema pushes back on ‘endless’ reelection questions
Lauren Sforza | February 4, 2024

Raw Story: Kyrsten Sinema steering a ‘mind-boggling’ amount of money to Tulsi Gabbard’s sister 
Travis Gettys | February 1, 2024 

Cronkite News: Sinema’s lackluster fundraising quarter raises eyebrows over campaign hopes
Ian Mckinney | February 1, 2024 

The Mary Sue: Whomp Whomp! Kyrsten Sinema’s Donations Have Dried up Ahead of Re-Election Race
Chelsea Steiner | February 1. 2024 

CNN: Sinema dismisses Senate reelection questions amid slowed fundraising in the fourth quarter 
Manu Raju and Ted Barrett | January 31, 2024

NBC News: Kyrsten Sinema’s fundraising slows as she weighs re-election bid
Bridget Bowman and Ben Kamisar | January 30, 2024 

Politico: Sinema’s fundraising plummets as reelection decision deadline nears
Ally Mutnick and Jessica Piper | January 30, 2024


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