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ICYMI: New York Post: Kyrsten Sinema spent campaign funds on car, London and Paris

Despite a record low fundraising haul in the fourth quarter of 2023, Sinema went on a spending spree at the end of last year that included stays at posh hotels, a $77,000 security vehicle, concert tickets, and travel in Europe. 

The Post notes that while Sinema still hasn’t announced whether or not she’s running, she’s still planning fundraisers to meet with donors as if she is. But of course there are no public town halls to speak with actual Arizona voters on Sinema’s calendar.

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New York Post: Kyrsten Sinema spent campaign funds on car, London and Paris
Lydia Moinihan | February 1, 2024 
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.) went on a spending spree last quarter despite a dismal fundraising haul, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

Between October 1, 2023 and December 31, Sinema shelled out $796,565 on posh hotels, a new car, and even concert tickets — and $265,521 went to her security costs alone.

Sinema spent nearly $200,000 more than the $594,816 she raised.

Of the money she spent on security, $77,000 went to a new Chevrolet and $1,523 went to event tickets for her security guards — including $490 at Red Rocks Amphitheater — a popular event venue in Colorado. 

Sinema purchased the tickets on a day when no concert was held, obscuring what event she went to or plans to attend. The car was described as “van,” also making it impossible to determine the level of luxury involved.

Less than two years ago, Sinema spent $70,000 on a Chevrolet “security detail vehicle” for herself and a second security vehicle for a friend involved with her security, The Post previously reported.

If the cars are licensed to her, she’ll be able to hold onto all three vehicles even if she leaves DC next year either by losing a re-election bid or choosing not to run.

“She’s Howard Hughes level paranoid,” one former staffer said of Sinema’s “insane” security spending.

She also spent $3,028 on vehicles in London and Paris — campaign experts say an isolated expense like this indicate the cars may have been for personal use since there were no other affiliated costs abroad.

Sinema — who has been slammed for opulent spending on wineries, luxury hotels and posh 
restaurants — faces a challenging re-election bid if she chooses to run for a second term.

Since she changed her party affiliation to Independent in 2022, she will battle both a Republic and a Democratic challenger to hold onto her seat.

Nearly a third of the money she did raise, $170,344, was transferred from the Sinema Leadership Fund — a move seen by campaign insiders as an effort to pad her numbers. 

Sinema’s spending this last quarter has some Arizona political sources speculating she intends to use as much of the $10 million in her coffers before she leaves office.\

Nevertheless, Sinema is full-steam ahead when it comes to fundraising — she is circulating a “save the date for a weekend with Senator Kyrsten Sinema” to potential donors, according to an invitation reviewed by The Post. The “suggested giving levels” for the March event asks donors to give $5,000 to Sinema’s campaign and $5,000 to Sinema’s PAC. 

Even as she courts donors, she has failed to hold a single public event for her constituents over the last year, sources note.

“Sen. Sinema’s use of campaign funds for seemingly personal expenses raises serious ethical questions. It also raises overall questions regarding the Senator’s judgment,” Thomas Jones, president of the American Accountability Foundation told The Post.

[…] One notable loser this quarter was former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s sister Vrindivan Gabbard Bellord, who runs a security firm, TOA, that has received $307,000 over the last few years from Sinema. Sinema has spent an additional $240,000 on meals and transportation for Bellord as well. 

While Bellord was a federal marshal, her only experience in personal security and her only client to date has been Sinema.

Bellord previously posted a picture of a bike rental on her Instagram that she said was “thanks to our friend” the same day Sinema charged her PAC $95 for a bike.

But last quarter, the vast majority of Sinema’s security spending went to Kinsaker Security — an executive security firm in Phoenix.

Representatives for the Senator did not respond to a request for comment.

Sinema will have to submit signatures from at least 40,000 registered voters by April 8 to get on the ballot.


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